Home Remodeling

Home Remodeling

You know we do kitchen remodels. You know we do bathroom remodels. But did you know that we will do your whole house? That’s right, any room in your home that needs remodeled can be done by our contractors. We will commit the same level of discipline and professionalism to your home remodel as we will to the bathroom and kitchen remodels. Take out that wall in your living room, or maximize the space your bedroom with a remodel done by Bathroom Remodeling Springfield, VA. Our home remodels are expertly done, professionally planned, and always completed.

Open Concept

Backsplash is trendy for the kitchen. Fine tile work is trendy for the bathroom. But what about the rest of the house? Open concepts are a term that you may have heard thrown around in the past few years. This is the concept that rooms are as spacious and open as possible to allow for a lot of open space in your home. We want to give you the open concept style that you deserve. Our open concepts are designed and analyzed by our design team, so you can get a clear vision of what your home will look like when the work is completed.

Designed for You

Every room provides a unique challenge that should be analyzed before the job starts. We won’t give you a design for a room that was used on a previous project. It isn’t fair to you to settle for mediocrity by having us slap in some generic, mundane design for every room in your home. Your remodel is unique and deserves to be treated as such. Our design team will provide you with ideas for every room to generate a uniform style that in specific to your home. Then our contractors will take those concepts and make them tangible.

Comfortable Staff

We want you to be comfortable with our team that is being invited into your home. Every member of our staff is professional, and tactful. After all, it’s your home and we have no right to disrespect your property. No matter what you request, we will ensure that you have positive interactions with our staff from the office to the field. You don’t need to worry about disrespectful team members or ornery contractors who make the project uncomfortable. We want you involved throughout the process and providing input so that you are completely satisfied with the remodel.

Timely Completion

The only thing worse than contractors who take your money and never show up for work are contractors who start a project with a deadline that they can’t meet. We guarantee that we will keep projects on time and on budget. Our planning process includes a phase that handles any unknown setbacks so that even unplanned surprises, like improper wiring, will be concluded on time. Also, we are more concerned that you love the finished product than we are about gaining extra profits by maximizing your budget. We will keep your project on budget and will strive to keep expenses as low as possible. Find out much more details about us.